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Send and Receive Money Online, As Easy Just Like Touching a "Thumb Up"

A major player of online payment, send money, selling on marketplace, refund & return, invoicing and donations. We know it is "PayPal".


PayPal is suitable for Personal and Business. PayPal serves over 200 Countries and 25 Currencies.


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Send and Receive Money Online, As Easy Just Like Touching a "Thumb Up"

A major player on Sending and Receive Money. We know it is "TransferWise".


TransferWise a UK Based is suitable for Personal and Enterprise Businesses to support the business processes borderless. TransferWise has Globally recognised.


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On EquiloPay, you can process the mobile payment service for pay your online shopping (e-commerce), pay your credit card (e.g.: visa, mastercard, jcb, american express, union, discovery) from every issuer banks and pay your monthly billing or installment.

EquiloPay acts as intermediary platform within all end-to-end involve networking providers


Settlement will be processed at real-time


No minimum amount of transaction, but limited at maximum US$ 10,000 per transaction per account.


Processing fees are set at vary, it can be no fee at all or will be charged at lowest fee (it depends on the involving party, but our system works to find the best recommendation to you economically)


EquiloPay makes almost all countries and currencies around the world

Yes, you just apply for "Transaction Protection. Your protection request will be processed with guarantee of:

- Full Amount Reimbursement"

- 90 days Transaction Protection"

- Quick Response"

Follow the processing

1. Compensation Request (Send request to EquiloPay) --> 2. EquiloPay Investigation (Completed within 5 days after receiving valid documents) --> 3. Claim Settled (Compensation will be tranferred to your original account)

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